This days I’ve been working in Illustrator. Is dificult start with this program, so far I just have some drawings that are really basic :/ But well I hope that in the future I can come and show you guys some awesome thing with this program 🙂 !

Now this are some of the drawing I want to show you, you can find some more in my DA gallery (click here)





I’m In a complicated relationship with my art when it comes to drawing… I just try to make it beautiful, awesome!…and it just goes through the life, smoking weed, getting drunk and at the end is just GARBAGE -_-

I had a nice idea and a nice sketch…I tried to draw it in Illustrator and every time it looks worse >.<



Contrast game

Contrast game

I just love every one of this 6 pictures!

There I was, fixing the first picture when I accidentally move some buttom (don’t remember wich one) way to much, and the flowers start to shine and constrast really hard with the background. Then I knew that I would die if I didn’t do something crazy with it 🙂 lol