Photoshop Post #1

Hi everyone!

Well today I’m going to start my serial of Photoshop posts. πŸ™‚

This is more like an introdution of what is photoshop, and,for those who already know something about it, I’ll share a quick view of what is Ps CS6, the new version of Ps. πŸ™‚

Ok, so you like to draw, may be you are interested in study Graphic design or you already start study itΒ  and you NEVER have see photoshop! …Don’t worry, you are not the onlyone so don’t feel bad πŸ™‚ just the other day I was talking whit a new friend in my new computer class, and she is in first year and she barely know what photoshop is and she have NEVER work in this.

So lets start with the basics, because you have to start ALWAYs from the begining! πŸ™‚

What is Photoshop?

May be this may sound boring for you, but I really believe that you must know really well what are you going toΒ  use, to actually start using it.

As you maybe heard, Photoshop is a grat program in which you can edit photos, create images with almost any real effect (like watercolor, pen, marker, etc) manipulate text an images together, also you can create 3D images and text. Now, in recent versions of photoshop you can also manipulate video formats, edit and make nice videos. In sort, Photoshop offer you a large range of possibilities in the graphic field.

So,I already introduce in off. But i recomend you to read the wikipedia introduccion and may be the other sections that you can find here:

Wikipedia Adobe Photoshop

So, now you know more or less what is that program, now is time for learn the basics AFTER you double click in the PS icon inΒ  your desktop.

I always have preferred a visual class so, after looking for a good video that could make you explain the basic tools I found this guy:

Intro to Photoshop CS6Β 

If you just get the CS6 version I also recomend you to see this video because, believe me, there are a LOT of things that have change. You may also be interested in see this video:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features – Quick Overview

After this videos you may have some questions or you want more basic info I recommend this post from PSD tuts+ here you can read many basic info that is very useful.


Our First Look at Photoshop CS6 – Now Available in Beta

If you are starting whit this program I recommend you to install this version CS6 to to be actualized in what’s on. But if you can’t find this version it’s ok, just search for other video using the tag “Introduccion to photoshop CS….”and the version you already have πŸ™‚

Now the last thing I have to say in this first post is that I don’t like tutorials in photoshop when you are just starting whit this. Don’t look at me like that! Just think this, the tutorials offer you a SINGLE answer for just ONE problem. Is something mechanic…i believe that you have to really understand the program, learn how it “think” and if you can do this you can conquer the world! haha is true, because if you can understand the program you can solve any problem and, most important, you can invent new things using this program. Never forget that photoshop is not something that makes you awesome, photoshop is a TOOL, and any tool, new or old, can make great thing if YOU KNOW how to use it well.

Be patient and always keep learning something new πŸ™‚

See you the nex time!


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